Queen Mary University of London

Since 2009 Phakama have been an Arts Organisation in residence here at the university.  We sit under the Drama      Department and often partner up with staff and students from across the       university on projects and modules.

Mile End Community Project

MCP are an organisation that provide communities and young people the platform to express themselves            creatively. Based just round the corner, Phakama have been very lucky to         partner with MCP on a number of our projects, including Rise Up.

Rich Mix

Based in the heart of Shoreditch, Rich Mix is an independent arts venue that aims to bring communities together to enjoy great art. Phakama have been part of the Rich Mix Youth Takeover     Festivals a number of times, a festival for and by 16-25 year olds.

City of Athens' Open Schools

Since 2017 Phakama have been collaborating with the City of Athens’ Open Schools in the Refugee Arts Project Athens – Paris – London. The City of Athens’ Open Schools is an initiative which aims to transform 25 school buildings into community and cultural centres for the benefit of all Athenians. The program offers an abundance of free activities which take place within the school premises and are targeted to different age groups and interests. Besides, the schoolyards remain open, with the presence of a schoolguard and invite the community members to use the premises as a meeting point or a playground.

The program runs thanks to the exclusive donation by the Stavros Niarchos Foundation and the coordination of the Athens Partnership, a non-profit organization which specializes in public-private partnerships for the benefit of the City. 

To date, more than 22.000 Athenians have participated in the 370+ activities that have been offered since it was first piloted in 2015.

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Melissa Network

Phakama and the Melissa Network have been working together on the Refugee Arts Project, Athens-Paris-London, since 2017 and hope to continue to collaborate as this project develops.

Melissa Network aims to promote empowerment and active citizenship  to migrant and refugee women living in Greece by building a bridge of communication with the host society. Using its 3 main strands of action, networking, capacity-building and advocacy, it operates on the basis of a common platform, a hub where networks and individuals can meet, share their concerns and ideas and support each other in the pursuit of common goals bringing them together and make their voices heard. All the activities are planned in order to open channels of communication and to promote integration.

The University of London Institute in Paris

The University of London Institute in Paris aims to be an academic institution of distinction through excellence in teaching and research and the relevance of its academic activity and engagement as a bridge into Paris and mainland Europe.

The Paris Centre for Migrant Writing and Expression has been working with academics, students, asylum seekers and refugees in Paris to investigate varied questions of mobility and displacement, translation, multilingualism, and cultural transfer for over five years.

Phakama have been partnering with ULIP’s academic Anna-Louise on the A-P-L project since early in 2018.


THAMES leads the Music Education Hub for Tower Hamlets and The City of London.  Working closely with schools they provide quality music and arts    education opportunities for all children and young people. They also work in partnership with a huge number of     local, and national, cultural                    organisations based in London.

Sanctuary Housing

Sanctuary Housing are a group that     provide affordable homes in a number of different ways. Phakama partnered with Sanctuary Housing on the Edible Garden project, in which we ran      workshops and drama sessions to       dementia patients in their care homes.

Tower Hamlets Public Health

Tower Hamlet Public Health believes in improving the health of the general public by not only supporting, but by educating. Phakama partnered with the Public Health team on Ten in a Bed in 2016, promoting the healthy growth and wellbeing of under fives through storytelling.