Queen Mary University of London

Since 2009 Phakama have been an Arts Organisation in residence here at the university.  We sit under the Drama      Department and often partner up with staff and students from across the       university on projects and modules.

Mile End Community Project

MCP are an organisation that provide communities and young people the platform to express themselves            creatively. Based just round the corner, Phakama have been very lucky to         partner with MCP on a number of our projects, including Rise Up.

Rich Mix

Based in the heart of Shoreditch, Rich Mix is an independent arts venue that aims to bring communities together to enjoy great art. Phakama have been part of the Rich Mix Youth Takeover     Festivals a number of times, a festival for and by 16-25 year olds.


THAMES leads the Music Education Hub for Tower Hamlets and The City of London.  Working closely with schools they provide quality music and arts    education opportunities for all children and young people. They also work in partnership with a huge number of     local, and national, cultural                    organisations based in London.

Sanctuary Housing

Sanctuary Housing are a group that     provide affordable homes in a number of different ways. Phakama partnered with Sanctuary Housing on the Edible Garden project, in which we ran      workshops and drama sessions to       dementia patients in their care homes.

Tower Hamlets Public Health

Tower Hamlet Public Health believes in improving the health of the general public by not only supporting, but by educating. Phakama partnered with the Public Health team on Ten in a Bed in 2016, promoting the healthy growth and wellbeing of under fives through storytelling.