Artist Bursary – The Full English

Traditional dishes such as The Full English Breakfast have only become widely available for the Muslim communities dietary/
religious requirements over the last 10-13 years, as Halal food has become easily available.

Associate Artist Nurull Islam will be exploring how traditional British meals have become intergrated into the Muslim community. Nurull will create a photographic portrait exhibition, which will be installed in various spaces, including fast food outlets , around Tower Hamlets, to encourage local people to go on a tour of the different eateries and experience art in unexpected places.

The portraits will capture how traditional “English” dishes have found their way into the Muslim community, how they have been adopted and adapted. Accompanying the portraits will be the subjects personal stories surrounding the dish, which will be compiled as a “menu” that the public can pick up and use as an exhibition guide and map.

Food is always a great way to breakdown barriers and engage with people. Nurull hopes this project with give an insight into how eating habits have changed within the Muslim community,  and how businesses have changed to accommodate those who prefer the halal food.

Photo credit: Nurull Islam

Phakama’s artist facilitators are integral to the ongoing growth of the company and it is our intention that the Associate Artists’ Team don’t just deliver workshops for us, but are involved in the shaping and creation of projects.

Each year Phakama will offer its team of Associate Artists the opportunity to apply for a bursary that will work as seed money for the artists to try out an idea for a project with the potential for this to be adopted as one of Phakama’s core projects.