Artist Bursary – Elephant in the Kitchen

Photo credit: Jalaikon for Nour Festival

Artist Bursary

Phakama’s artist facilitators are integral to the ongoing growth of the company and it is our intention that the Associate Artists’ Team don’t just deliver workshops for us, but are involved in the shaping and creation of projects.

Each year Phakama will offer its team of Associate Artists the opportunity to apply for a bursary that will work as seed money for the artists to try out an idea for a project with the potential for this to be adopted as one of Phakama’s core projects.

Elephant in the Kitchen

Mike Knowlden has been awarded our 2017 Artist Bursary with his project, Elephant in the Kitchen.

Elephant in the Kitchen will bring together families from different backgrounds to cook and eat together, to learn about each other and explore what it means to move to a new place. The project will involve different generations from three families who have moved to London from across the world, combining storytelling and food. Asking people to show what they cook for their families and how they cook it reveals insights into the culinary cultures of London and the culture of its diverse citizens, always in flux. Elephant in the Kitchen celebrates this richness. The process of bringing together culinary cultures acts as a way for people to express themselves, creating an atmosphere of relaxed sharing and comfortable interaction.