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Join the By Artist Gallery

Hello Phakama Friends!

Our first Young Artist Bursary winner, Ellis Lewis-Dragstra, is currently inviting artist submissions to feature their work as part of the By Artist Gallery exhibition at Rich Mix’s Lower Cafe Gallery from 21st July-31st August.

The exhibition has no theme or medium that you have to follow, just showcase work that shows off your identity. Anyone can apply, from established artists to someone who’s never done anything within the arts before. The gallery is a chance for different artists and art forms to come together in celebration. For more information head over to

If you, or anyone you know, would like the opportunity to display work as part of the By Artist Gallery get in touch with Ellis directly at

AGM Agenda

The agenda for next week’s AGM is as follows:

1. Review of AGM 15/16 Minutes
2. Annual Report as a presentation
3. Management accounts 15/16
4. Appointment of Auditors
5. Nominations for Board

If you would like to come to the AGM you are more than welcome to! Please just get in touch with Bibi at for more details.