Digital Artist Bursary

For 20/21 we have adapted our usual Bursary schemes so that we could quickly respond to the difficult times that the artist and creative community are facing due to Covid-19.

We are looking for creative ways for artists to move their practice to digital formats and to reach out to participants who are feeling isolated.

We hope that this seed funding will allow artists to test their idea whilst collaborating with and complementing Phakama’s vision.


Django Pinter – Four More Walls

What can theatre over the internet do which live-on-stage theatre cannot? It can seamlessly integrate pre-recorded footage with live action; it lets us manipulate audio and video to give exciting and bold visual and musical effects; it creates magic out of actors interacting. Instead of letting social distancing mean a slump for creativity in theatre, Django wants to use it as a testing ground for digital theatre in life after lockdown.


Hussina Raja – Hijabis

We so often hear people, society and governments comment on what they think of the hijab but very rarely does one get a personal perspective, one that isn’t stigmatised or made into a contentious issue.

Hussina will explore this subject by producing a short documentary, which will platform a diverse range of women on what the hijab means to them and how they choose to express themselves in it in their individual creative ways.


Jessica Starns – Virtual Walks

Using Google Street View as a performance space, Jessica has been inviting participants to take ‘virtual walks’ of places that are important to them or places they would like to visit.  In the past, Jessica has used Google Street View with her grandfather to go on walks around his hometown in Ireland – a place she hasn’t had the opportunity to physically visit. The work will focus on the process of the walk, capturing the conversations that come out of it, and breaking down the feeling of isolation whilst we are all social distancing. Today Together have now commissioned Jessica to deliver the project as part of their Together! 2020 Disability History Month Festival.


Sita Thomas & Kamal Kaan – Oceans of Blue Sky

‘OceansofBlueSky-নীলআকােশরসমু ’is an original audio drama project created by Bengali residents across London responding to our present times. Through a series of online storytelling, writing and recording workshops, director Sita Thomas and writer Kamal Kaan will collaborate with a group of participants to uncover the process of making an audio drama and to share personal and poetic stories featuring verbatim multi-lingual voices interwoven with poetry and sound design.


Lily Richards – Community Craft Collective

Lily received the 2019/20 Young Artist Bursary to run workshops in refugee camps in Greece, using ‘rubbish’ to create circus materials and toys. The second half of her project had to be put on hold during the pandemic. We therefore decided that her YAB should go to an online toolkit or manual which has step-by-step guides on how to make the items out the waste materials. The Digital Artist Bursary will help Lily create ‘How to’ videos for these products.

We are currently taking proposals for the last round of the bursaries – more info can be downloaded here.