Disabled Artist Bursary – The Trek from a Hard Place Towards a Safe Rock by Charlie Folorunsho

Photo credit: Caro Gervay

In 2018 we launched our first Disabled Artist Bursary, a new bursary aimed to support any artist with additional access needs to test out project ideas, with some seed funding and support from Phakama.

Our first recipient of this bursary was our Associate Artist and long-time Phakama friend Charlie Folorunsho. Charlie has been working on the theme of Youth Violence and how to get past it, after being moved into action as a response to the tragic and upsetting rise in knife crime. Charlie described the idea of his project as:

“An interactive collaborative process. A chance for the individual and for groups to  find ways to address and avoid youth violence.”

The project will run as a series of workshops in which Charlie, supported by a psychotherapist and a sound artist, will lead a group of young people through exercises and interactive group discussions which all engage with the topic of youth violence.

By  turning feelings, expressed by the young people involved, into images and metaphors, Charlie will use a variety of tableaux and improvisational work to guide them into bringing these ideas to life. A soundtrack will also be introduced by the sound artist to support any words created or expressed throughout the stages.

Charlie hopes that through these workshops the group can collectively find a positive solution to address this pressing topic.