Young Artist Bursary

Phakama want to GIVE artists the space, time and means to create, experiment and be.
We want to GAIN greater perspectives of (new) arts practices and raise our profile.

Empowering and working alongside young people has always been at the heart of what we do at Phakama. Supporting young people’s creativity is what drives us and makes this organisation special.

We want to encourage and support you to make these creative ideas become a reality by offering seed funding of up to £1000 a year to a creative young person or group aged 16-25.

We hope that this seed funding will give you the opportunity to test out your idea, and develop your creativity whilst complementing Phakama’s vision. This bursary should help you realise your potential to create and lead daring projects.
At the end of your project, in agreement with the young artist, there is the possibility for Phakama to take this on as a core project.
You can find out more here!

Take Part in Bad Aunts

Recipients of the Phakama Young Artist Bursary, Bad Aunts in collaboration with Phakama are looking for participants for their Female Ageing Adventure!

Welcome to our one-time interactive space for women to discuss growing older: the pressures, misconceptions and joys. We are seeking a small group of women aged between 40 and 70 to participate in our Focus Room, a discursive and interactive space centred on finding solidarity in the female ageing process and support for one another. The room will have visual and auditory stimuli for the group to respond to, as well as the opportunity to provide written responses. It will be a relaxed and fun ninety minutes. The session will be recorded for the personal use of the facilitators. There will be food and drink!

June 30 2019
11:30 – 13:00
Arts One, Queen Mary, University of London

To find out more or get involved email:

Artist Bursary Now Open!


We’re very excited to now be accepting applications for our Artist Bursary!
Phakama’s artist facilitators are integral to the ongoing growth of the company and it is our intention that artists don’t just deliver workshops for us, but are also involved in the shaping and creation of projects.
We want to encourage you to generate new ideas and so will be offering seed funding of £2000 per financial year to an artist to develop a discrete project that chimes with Phakama’s vision.
We hope that this seed funding will allow you to test your idea whilst collaborating with and complementing Phakama’s vision.
At the end of your project, in agreement with the artist, there is the possibility for Phakama to take this on as a core project.
You can download further information on the bursary and how to apply here.
The application deadline is the 3rd March 2019.
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Photo Credit: Mile End Community Project