AGM Agenda

The agenda for next week’s AGM is as follows:

1. Review of AGM 15/16 Minutes
2. Annual Report as a presentation
3. Management accounts 15/16
4. Appointment of Auditors
5. Nominations for Board

If you would like to come to the AGM you are more than welcome to! Please just get in touch with Bibi at for more details.

Rise Up 2017!

Rise Up is back!

Over February half term 6 Young Creatives will lead a group of participants aged 16-25 through an intensive week of creative workshops.

Since the beginning of January Rise Up’s Young Creatives have been learning about all the different skills involved in creating and leading a project by attending training sessions in facilitation, recruitment, production, marketing and planning. The group will then lead 16-25 year old participants through a week of workshops. The workshops will all focus on the theme of Anger. During the week the group of young people will use the creative arts to ask questions such as ‘what makes us tick?’ and ‘how can anger be used as a positive emotion?’.

The outcome of the project will be performed/shown at Rich Mix as part of their Youth Takeover Festival at 4pm on Saturday 18th February. The event is free, but ticketed – tickets can be reserved here.

We hope to see you there!


Phakama’s Moment of Reflection

Phakama is currently undergoing a moment of reflection. This year Phakama will be celebrating it’s 20th year of creating challenging and inspiring work and we see this as an opportunity to look back on Phakama. We will be thinking about what Phakama has done well, what has moved and encouraged people, and what Phakama could do better and improve on.

With our Interim Managing Director stepping in to oversee the company through this transition, we will be working to ensure that Phakama is ready to continue to create empowering work for another 20 years.

This is an exciting time for us as it gives us a chance to both reflect back on Phakama’s rich, personal history, but also look forward to Phakama’s exciting and promising future.

Sankofa! Festival: Open call to emerging artists

8Y0EDX4VP9Phakama are inviting emerging artists aged 16-25 across all arts forms to showcase their work as part of Sankofa! Festival 2014, a three day arts event run by Phakama’s young Creative Producers that will take place on 24th, 25th, 26th July at Queen Mary, University of London.

Reaching into the past to reinvent the future, the Sankofa! Festival will present three new performances that explore old myths and new realities. It is an opportunity for young people to produce and promote their own work. There will be a packed programme of performances, workshops and debates on important issues surrounding the arts – all produced by Phakama’s Spotlight interns – a team of emerging artists and producers aged 18-24 years old. Additionally, there will be an open space for emerging artists outside of the project to showcase a piece of work as part of the ‘Playful Interventions’.