Phakama Are Recruiting

Together with the Artistic Director, the Development and Relationship Manager will implement the vision of the company and ensure we achieve our mission of creating daring performances with young people and communities.We are looking for an excellent communicator from any background who has relationship building abilities with partners, funders and young people; who has skills in making new strategic and business connections; and is able to implement organisational structures.


Exceptionally organised, task driven and highly motivated, our ideal candidate will have a passion for participatory arts and the desire to immerse fully into Phakama’s ethos of Give and Gain helping to drive the company forward into it’s next phase.

Phakama is currently undertaking a period of organisational restructuring, with the departure of our current Executive Director after eight years with the organisation. The newly created role of Development and Relationship Manager joins the Artistic Director and the Administrative Assistant at a time of great change and exciting new steps for Phakama.

Sankofa! Festival: Tickets now on sale

Reaching into the past to reinvent the future, Sankofa! Festival presents performances and playful interventions that explore old myths

and new realities.

The Sankofa! Festival is created and produced by Phakama’s Spotlight interns – a team of emerging artists and producers aged 18-24. The Creative Producer Internship is a six month paid opportunity for unemployed young people offering a training in the behind the scenes areas of the arts industry.

Sankofa! Festival

is the culmination of the project and marks an important moment in their careers as they take a leap into the unknown, move forward

on their journeys and forge new creative identities. Join us at the festival to discover their journeys – past, present and future – with Phakama.

Sankofa! Festival

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Workshop :Creative With Marks

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Dream,Cease, Repeat

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