Of All People…

Photo Credit: Caroline Gervay

A Phakama Storytelling Project

  • Have you got a story to tell?
  • Are you interested in hearing the stories of others?
  • Do you enjoy photography and performance?

 Of All People… was a storytelling project about joining in, telling stories, building relationships and growing communities.

A diverse group of participants shared their stories, explored common threads and sought out unlikely connections.

Through creative workshops participants documented each others’ stories in photographs, and curated an extraordinary multimedia exhibition dedicated to individuals, others, and the creative power of relationships.

The project was led by two experienced Phakama Associate Artists.

Kate Beales is a storyteller, theatre director and participatory arts practitioner.

Caroline Gervay is a photographer who specialises in working with analogue techniques including pinhole photography.

The Artist Bursary gives Phakama Associate Artists the chance to try out the beginnings of an idea or project, in a safe and encouraging environment.