Refugee Arts – A.P.L

Photos by Caroline Gervay & Project Phakama

A-P-L (Athens London Paris)

Athens-Paris-London (A-P-L) is a transnational research project, designed to exchange knowledge, and apply and share new methodologies for engaging with refugee communities through creative action.

This is a collaborative project between Phakama, Queen Marys University of London, the Melissa Network and Open Schools Programme in Athens and the University of London in Paris.

In 2017/18 there have been 3 knowledge exchange trips to Athens and Paris where Phakama brought members of their youth board, board and Associate Artists to meet with partners and refugees. The trips gave the groups a chance to share Phakama’s methodologies and to learn from their partners and refugees about the best ways in which Phakama can be of use in the most pressing global challenge of the contemporary moment.