Rise Up is a chance for a group of young people to create, learn, collaborate and express themselves.

Rise Up is a 6 month, youth leadership training programme where 5 young people aged 16-25 are empowered and given the necessary skills, opportunity and experiences to then lead a group of participants, also aged 16-25, to create a performance from scratch in just one week!

The content is determined by the group through a non-hierarchical process we call Give and Gain, everyone’s contribution is valued, where we all teach and learn at the same time.

In February 2020 Young Creatives and participants came together to create a performance.

Imagine a world with no rules, no labels, and self expression. Identity. What does the term mean to me?

The piece explored the question “What does Identity mean to me?” and included elements of drama, music, spoken word and creative writing. At the end of the sharing there was a short Q&A with the participants and Young Creatives.