Rise Up 2018 – NO LIMITS

NO LIMITS was a chance for a group of young people to create, learn, collaborate and express themselves.

Imagine a world with no rules, no restrictions, and no labels. – These are all things that the Young Creatives  explore within NO LIMITS, using different art forms in a series of creative workshops.

NO LIMITS was a unique experience for a group of young people who were led by Phakama’s Young Creatives to take part in a one-week cross-arts project.

The outcome of this project was shown on the 17th of Feb at Queen Mary University of London.

Video Credit: Mile End Community Project

Rise Up in February 2017 focused on the theme of Anger. After a week of workshops the participants, with the help of the Young Creatives, created a performance that explored this theme, how it affects them as individuals and how they overcome it.

After the performance, the Young Creatives hosted a Q&A with the audience, giving them the opportunity to learn about the Rise Up process directly from the participants. Here is part 1 of the Q&A.