Rise Up

Video by: Mile End Community Project

Rise Up is a peer led project where young people aged 16-25 are empowered and given the necessary skills, opportunity and experiences to then lead a group of young participants (also aged 16-25) to create a performance from scratch. The content is determined by the group through a non-hierarchical process we call Give and Gain, everyone’s contribution is valued, where we all teach and learn at the same time.

The first five weeks concentrate on a training programme for five Young Creatives to develop their leadership, artistic and business skills.
These include workshops delivered by industry professionals, “go and see” events as well as the opportunity to test out their workshops with our partner organisations.
By the final week of the programme the Young Creatives have recruited participants and deliver a whole range of cross art workshops based on a theme. This culminates in a final performance/event/sharing to which friends, family and the general public are invited.