The Edible Garden

Photo Credit: Project Phakama

Edible Garden – 2011-2016

In 2011-12, in partnership with the East End Women’s Institute and Mile End Park, Growing Zone and in collaboration with local daughters, mothers and grandmothers, Phakama grew an edible garden with and for the whole community. There were a series of growing, cooking, story-telling and performance events throughout the project.

From March to June 2013 Phakama embarked on another phase of the project and this time worked with students at Newham Sixth Form College, residents at Hawthorn Green Care Home and Stepney City Farm to grow a garden and share stories with one another from their lives to create Recipes for Romance.

Audiences were invited to join us on midsummer’s eve at Hawthorn Green Care Home to taste the food of love and see how love grows in The Edible Garden.

To view a short film of the project please click here

In 2014 (after the success of earlier phases) Phakama was commissioned by Sanctuary to deliver the Edible Garden project in 3 care homes as part of Sanctuary’s Shine! programme –  an initiative which promotes the use of arts in residential care homes to shine a light on the people living in Sanctuary’s care homes by highlighting their talents, not their limitations.

Then, in the Winter of 2015/16 Phakama were again been commissioned to run the project, but this time The Edible Garden:Bitesize ran in eight different care homes, six in the Southwest and two in London. This meant that the project had to run in Bitesize chunks, working in each home over two days, with local schools that the home had been paired with. In intergenerational pairs, participants worked collaboratively, creatively, through story and with music.

This project created an opportunity for the two generations to work together, developing links and relationships within the community through the exploration and sharing of stories and ideas that purely come from collaborating.