Ten in a Bed

Video of Ten in a Bed 2015

Ten in a Bed is a workshop and performance project, made with and for small children and their families to develop storytelling, creativity and language skills. It engages directly with families to enhance literacy and family learning opportunities.

Phakama ran weekly creative sessions with a diverse group of families where both children and carers developed their confidence and communication skills together enabling them to tell stories about their fears, hopes, dreams and adventures.

Their stories were transformed into a performance where, parents and carers crawled into a bed big enough for 10 and were tucked in by their small children to be told a bedtime story and watch their tales unfold.

In 2015 Phase One of the project was run in partnership with Well London Old Bethnal Green and took place at Zander Court Community Centre. Phase Two, in 2016, Ten in a Bed was run in partnership with Tower Hamlets Public Health.